Hayoul Patrick PIERALI

ICS Engineer
Enterprise Software Consultant


Hayoul Pierali is Engineer & Manager at Planisware USA, Inc.

He graduated a Master’s degree in Communication and Information Technology Systems in 2012 with the École Centrale d'électronique in Paris, Concordia University and École de technologie supérieure in Montreal (CA), where he refined his skills in technology management, telecommunications and human systems engineering.
Hayoul has over four years experience in both engineering and management. While pursuing basic Lifelong Learning Program with the London School of Economics, he worked all over the world in R&D: at Beijing Tech (CN), NDS (Cisco) in Munich (DE). Hayoul has participated in startup ventures and founded Start in Fashion in Paris.
While not being occupied with his job, he enjoys playing music, swimming and teaching mathematics. It is a means to build up his strengths. He now lives in San Francisco, one of the most dynamic city in the hemisphere.

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